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Hi! My name is Cindy, and I switched from a Lexus sedan to a Nissan Murano SL in August 2011. Daughter has taken it over, and has about 100K now. She loves it. Shows beautifully. It usually handles as well as the Lexus,. Love the rack and pinion steering! In part bought bc good leg room in back too. Good family vehicle, and with Tampa flooding needed a vehicle higher from the ground.
Now, have so many questions due to issues. I wonder if the issues are due to the mechanics in part, LOL.
Have been trying to find answers, and decided to join this community. Hope I am posting in the right place for introducing self!

I am not very mechanical, although I was in Naval Aviation as a Storekeeper, (the one that orders all the parts and stuff for aircraft in 83-86).

I hope I get a solution right away as my daughter needs to be safe (she is in college about 4 hours from me now, and I am concerned she won't be able to flee if the La Palma lava causes a Tsunami, bc she is only about 20 miles inland from NYC. There has been flooding in her area, from hurricanes, and now the La Palma situation.

Trying to figure whether we should get her a different car, or fix the Murano. Right now is the worst time to get a different car with all the shortages.
My issues are with steering, so suspension after Lower Arms replaced? Issue, with AC, MAF, VIAS, is reprogramming needed, proper assessment, can a place doing an oil change somehow damage the AC system, by bumping maybe the compressor, is an AC connected to the radiator, can debris, metal shavings get into system, etc, Can a computer assess everything? What can it assess? If it can, why wouldn't a mechanic do this? should it be part of a 90K or a $160 diagnostic when lights have come on? So I will post questions to those forums.

I hope I follow the rules correctly! I don't know what bumping a thread is? Going to search to see.
But I am grateful this forum is here!

Boy am I seeing how mechanics are like doctors! So complex! 😄 I also see how valuable an honest mechanic is! (Thought I found one. But he has i think crumbled a bit, maybe due to things being closed for a while, and less income coming in? ). 😄
Any good recommendations in N. Jersey, Lawrenceville area? And N. Virginia area?

Thank you! Cindy B.
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