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Hi Guys,

I have an Altima 2012 in Dubai. Unfortunately, the car wash guys washed the Engine compartment last week.After that there is a Key indication on the RPM display as per the attached image. Also, the car won't start at sometimes. All the other functions of the key are working.

The issue is not with the Key fob since I have tried my both keys and even replaced the batteries. I have seen some posts and videos regarding the same indications and it is related to Steering Lock failure. But, I am damn sure that this is happened after the washing. Also, this is not permanent issue. Even if the key indication is there, the car will start without any issues. Sometimes, it won't start even if I insert the key manually to the slot.

I checked for loose connection at the fuse box near to the battery but everything found intact. I have no enough experience with the car technical stuff. Anybody can help me with it ? Your help is appreciated. Thank You!
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