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You can probably guess that I live in New Hampshire from my screen name but it doesn't tell you that I live in the seacoast area.

I recently got a 2017.5 Gun Metal grey 2.5 Altima SL thru Carvana. It was a slightly painful experience because Carvana's registration contractor took a long time to do their job. I must admit that Carvana was good about it and they even supplied a rental for 4 weeks while the contractor messed around.

I chose the Altima because of numerous good experiences with rental cars.

My other vehicle is a 2013 Chevy Silverado extended cab that I use to pull an 18 FT flat bed trailer on weekends. The trailer carries either a 1919 Model T or 1931 Model A.

My wife has a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country that I can't get her to part with.

09 Altima 3.5SE 6MT Sedan
5,459 Posts of my favourite states!! Live free or Die is quite the motto.
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