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Welcome to the / family. This is a premier discussion forum for the Nissan Altima and other models. Please take some time to go outside of the 2002-2006 Nissan Altima Discussion Forum and read/visit all of the Forums on this website. You'll notice a variety of forums designed to focus on specific topics. Please make sure your thread is in the appropriate forum. For example:

Don't forget to use the SEARCH feature! You may be surprised when you find out your question has been asked many times before.


This community consists of more than 100,000 members -- politeness/courteousness and proper etiquette are highly stressed! We ask you to please respect and follow some basic, common sense rules listed below:

  • A) Please be courteous! Insulting posts and offensive conflicts will be deleted and the users involved will be banned (this applies to vendor conflicts as well). If you have a problem with a user or a vendor, please PM a Moderator or use the "Report Post" feature.

  • B) Please SEARCH and read/visit all of the Forums on this website -- we have archives of great information pertaining to your question. Most likely anything you are about to ask has already been posted 10 or 100 times before.

  • C) Please remember to stay on topic, all off-topic posts will be locked and/or deleted immediately. We have an Off Topic Forum on this site -- use it.

  • D) Respect the privilege of having a signature. We do not allow any pornography or not work safe (NWS) material in them, and we do not appreciate large pictures of your car either -- please exercise common sense.

  • E) Please do not "spam" and "post-whore." Abusive posting or behavior that is annoying will not be tolerated. You do not need to tell us that you think someone is annoying or offensive. Trust us, we read these forums every minute, we already know and action will been taken.
Please review the Official Rules for posting on located here.

We are here to assist you if need be. Feel free to PM a Moderator if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you and enjoy your stay at
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