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I spent a long time trying to work out the different country model names etc so this may help some people out?

In the US - Nissan Maxima 6th Gen II
In Aussie - Nissan Teana J31

And New Zealand being the only smart country - 2007 Nissan Maxima

So um, just to kick it to Aussie a bit more and smash their equivalent market V6 Commodore and XR6 the NZ factory decided to do another model when converting the Teana's back to the Maxima they created their own Spec-R model. Was nothing crazy but it has basically laid out all the smart but kind of boring mods that you never really want to do.

Oh and I can confirm that from 120 km/h to 160km/h the XR6 in front was the same distance, then from 160 to about 210 when we stopped I had overtaken and started building a little bit of a gap. Not once felt like it was floating or losing control.
I have not been able to find a Commodore who seemed willing to give me a go yet. As it does sound quite intimidating at 2.2k RPM and above. The Remus exhaust really does make it sound so good.

Remus full cat back - takes it from 170kw to 180kw which is what it should be (Japan and US are about 10kw higher for some reason)

Not over the top - professional looking side skirts/bumper/spoiler/etc

Power unit from Renault - I know Nissan do this but I thought it was only Europe?

Sport Suspension which lowered 2cm

Koni shocks for front

KYB dampers for rear

specially up-rated springs

18" Alloys and with 225/45 Direzza Dunlops

Owned a 99 Maxima the last 6 years but this Maxima is and probably will stay one of the best cars I have ever driven. I still crave going for drives even 6 months later. If only petrol would drop...
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