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NGK Spark Plugs

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I have heard that the NGK spark copper plugs are good for the altima...

Is there like a serial number or something to identify the correct NGK plugs ?

There must be different kinds ....

I don't want to get a colder or hotter plug than I need.

I don't have mods just stock.

Or should I consider other plugs ?

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You will want to run NGK # BKR6E-11 / stock # 2756 , gaped to .045 in. for stock performance .047 in. for best performance ..
Yea the stock plugs are BKR5E-11 , but if you are looking for performance get the colder BKR6E-11 ...
There are no side effects on running the 6's ... If you were to lets say run 7's then you could have a problem with them fouling if you do lots of stop and go .. The one step colder plug will help prevent predetonation under hard use even on a stock engine ... And as we all know , all it takes is one hit of pinging and the ECU drops the timing 3 degrees , which kills performance ... I have always ran the 6's in my Altima .. I am trying to find 7's for the new engine ....
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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