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NGK Spark Plugs

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I have heard that the NGK spark copper plugs are good for the altima...

Is there like a serial number or something to identify the correct NGK plugs ?

There must be different kinds ....

I don't want to get a colder or hotter plug than I need.

I don't have mods just stock.

Or should I consider other plugs ?

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UKAlty said:
Shawn, any down sides to running a colder plug gapped as you say? I want to try this, for performance but was curious about side effects. Thanks. Later
Note: the last number before the dash signifies the temp rating of the plug. 5 is the stock rating and 6 is one step colder.

Go to the NGK website for explainations of hot and cold.

As for side-effects to running a colder plug? A colder plug will absorb more heat from the combustion chamber, thus run the chamber cooler and will allow you to run a hotter charge (leaner), while a hotter plug will run at a higher temp and increase the chance of detonation. you can run higher compression and more advanced timing with a colder plug and lower your chance of pre-ignition.

Basically, a colder plug is for a higher performance engine.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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