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Hello everyone !

I am the happy owner of a Nissan Murano 2006, a bit old I know but it's my first car :) mechanic is good but the radio isn't.
The buttons work but there's no audio, we can change the channels, the volume but nothing comes out. The radio doesn't take CDs and rejects cassettes..

We tried removing all the cables and put them back again, it doesn't work, we removed all the coins stuck in the control panel, it still doesn't work, we removed the antenna, still not working...

We bought another control panel, one from 2003 (the car is from 2006), we installed it and the cassette worked this time but there was a parasite noise coming from the speakers, the radio kind of worked but still with that sound so now we are like : is it because the control panel isn't compatible or is the speakers ?

English is my second language, I am french, so pardon my typos :)

I can send videos, photos, anything, I just want the radio to work,

Thank you !

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