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Hello everyone,

Thank you for welcoming me to this forum. Let me introduce myself, my name is Patrick and I'm from Ireland. I'm seeking advice regarding the coolant of my car, as it's decreasing rapidly. My mechanic suggested repairing the head gasket. However, I discovered the existence of head gasket repair products on the internet, and there are even dedicated videos about this topic on YouTube. Head Gasket Sealer
Nevertheless, I'm concerned about their actual effectiveness. Have any of you ever used such products? I would like to hear your opinion on this matter.

Best regards.
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Using those "miracle in a bottle" products is like putting a band aid on a broken arm.

They may make you feel better, but do absolutely nothing to fix the underlining problem.
I used to sell those products. You need to know that any 'guarantee' there means literally nothing, just try to get the full purchase price back of the ones that when I sold them went for $85 a bottle. You won't get it.

If you have the wrong type of leak the product can ruin the motor to the tune of it being unrepairable. Meaning it leaked into rings and cemented them to pistons.

Coolant decreasing RAPIDLY means you are already past using anything like that to fix a minor leak, you are now past minor.
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