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Information supplied by REVEREND D.

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1997 Nissan Color Code Descriptions

AG2 Aztec Red
AH3 Cherry Red Pearl
AJ4 Ultra Red
AL0 Ruby Pearl
AP0 Cayenne Red
AP4 Sunset Red
AR0 Autumn Sunset
AS0 Black Cherry
AS1 Garnet Pearl
BN5 Silver Mint
BN6 Starfire Blue
BP4 Carribean Blue
BR2 Pacific Blue
BS3 Neptune Blue
CG2 Pebble Beige Metallic
CP2 Mahogany Pearl
CR0 Sahara Beige
DN1 Cobalt Green Pearl
DP0 Deep EverGreen
DP2 Lt Argentine Green
DP3 Ocean Teal
DR3 Rain Forest Green
FN2 Blue Emerald
FN4 Vivid Teal
FS0 Sage Mist Green
JP2 Outback Gold
KH3 Super Black
KJ1 Beige Pearl
KK0 Anthracite Gray
KK4 Graphite
KL2 Quicksilver
KN0 Platinum
KN4 Platinum Gold
KN8 Graphite Pearl
KR5 Silver Moss
LS1 Deep Fushia
LS3 Desert Violet
LS5 Rosewood
LS6 Concord Mist
QM1 Cloud White
QN0 Arctic White Pearl
QS0 Nordic White
TP0 Superior Blue Mist
WK0 Aspen White Pearglow
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