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Hi all,

I am frustrated on this issue I am having, please advise if you know what's happening.

Started around Oct. last year, my 2011 Quest started to hesitate on acceleration. There is no code or engine light. I took it to a dealership, they told me to wait for the light to come on, but 4 months passed...

Here are the symptoms/routines I collected so far

1. It will not happen when the engine is cold, but will definitely happen after 10min of driving.
2. It only occurs when at hard acceleration from stopping or idling. If I press the pedal gently, everything will be normal
3. When it happens, I noticed the engine will rev from <1000rpm to around 1800rpm, stay there for about 3 seconds, then surge up
4. I tried to use OD off mode but it doesn't help.
5. It feels like the transmission wants to shift gear up but decides to wait a bit even though it's a CVT.
6. The upside is I am a much better driver now. :)

Any comment is appreciated.


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Sounds like your CVT is starting to have issues. Have it inspected by an expert.
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