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Nissan Sentra SR 2022
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So is like this ordered online a honda civic for 35.670$ Had to wait 3 weeks and after car arrived at dealership they hit me with +6.000$ markup on price….give them middle finger and bought this crocodile right on the spot
I was a little concerned because people complain that Sentra is a little slow but after first ride i realized that is not slow at all and the best part is that i don’t feel i am driving a CVT(scoter) transmission at all
I like it !!
Worth every $ spend

Made in Mexico trunk, front doors, both fenders and hood are not properly aligned witch give me impression of poor quality
Wish Nissan can have a better quality control management
But if you see what is going on on our planet these are just small details
Thanks god i didn’t bought a Tesla they got same problem but a little more expensive

God bless you all and stay safe


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