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To all members: This is going to be our official KA buildup car. Rob's s14.5 This is a great example of the right parts, being used correctly! All members looking to go ka-t, pay attention; This is how it should be done!

While I hope this thread's intent stays focused on Rob's build, I would like to open the option for all members to ask 'advanced' questions about how to build a KA in here, hoping that Rob will find time to answer them as well.

As always, look at the other KA sticky, and Turbo selection sticky first before asking any questions.

Again, I thank Rob for posting this, and hope this thread becomes a cornerstone of the 240sx section here at NissanClub!


I will post a full write up of this s15 conversion nasty 240sx soon. Just stopping bye!


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will clean up this post, pictures and the build info as this gets further along. I bought this car with 92,000 miles and havent driven it yet. My sole intention was to boost the factory motor and do a silvia conversion. Progress has been slow, but it is now coming together.

Some upgrades I can think of right now.

Block stripped down. Cleaned bored for arias pistons.
Head cleaned, all new valve seal/retainers/springs
Ported head mildly three angle vavle job
Cometic head gasket
arp hardware for crankshaft girdle and head
Crower v2 cams
Xcessive motorsports polished intake
Xcessive motorsports turbo manifold and DP
Ams GT32
Tial 38mm Wastegate
JGS bov with open atom attachment
JGS turbo line kit and filter
Every Autometer Nexus guage available
Greddy profec B boost controller
Apexi Neo fuel controller
Jwt ecu
Z32 maf
Ams complete fuel system with 65lbers/ fuel pressure reg
z32 fuel filter
SPL parts oil sandwich adapter
Nismo Fully adjustable shock and spring suspension
Front and rear sway bars from suspension techniques
Nismo front strut tower bar
Nismo rear strut tower bar
Nismo Front power brace
Turbo blanket --enjuku racing
header wrap
Agency power brake line conversion for z32 brakes
Z32 big 4 piston calipers with brembo rotors
Greddy oil catch tank
Greddy radiator breather tank
Greddy EVO TT 80mm exhuast system
agency power silicone radiator hoses
agency power underdrive throttle cable pulley
AEM wideband with guage
Autometer digital pro shift light guage HOTT LED changing/staged lights
Kognition design Cabon fiber interior pieces/whole center console/rear view mirror/steering shell cover/ interior mirror covers..more to come
Silvia Front radiator support for the conversion
Origin lab stylish front bumper
" " side skirts
350z rays lightweight track wheels
Silvia headlamps
Silvia Hood
Koyo radiator
Two electric fans/ with thermostat
Nismo bushings/everyone that is available/subframe/diff/a arms etc.
Nismo limited slip diff
Drive shaft shop steel shaft
Origine Wide body conversion fenders
Msd ignition
greddy intercooler kit.
New front cover/oil pump
JGS oil drain kit

There is more, thats off the top off my head

I will post some pictures I have, and clean up the post and add better ones as we get along.

Best part, Im a parts and service director for a nissan dealer, and have a shop and parts warehouse at my disposal to help!


my office
last nights progress

my office

I will have many questions as this moves along, so far everyone hear and at ka-t org have been great, also big thanks to

TURBO240--- Chris for all his deals and updates

Those manifolds...intake and exhaust will be for sale once AMS finish fabrication.

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Nismo l2acer said:
Yet another KA build. What turbo is that? but that manifold is sex. May I know who makes that? Definitely something to keep your eyes open for.
KA = cheap/large displacement/tons of aftermarket and running 9's in the quarter with full interior. I will be pushin 10's.

Manifold is Xcessive motorsports/groundzero motorsports. Same company.

turbo is or automotosport .. Home of the worlds most HP and faste EVO i think.

They are pushing like 700whp from the KA on the same build but larger turbo and standalone.

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Very nice to see someone actually building a car again. I don't see much of anything I would change on your car at all (maybe because I've got damn near the same parts hehe). Baller on the Nismo stuff too...I know how much that stuff can cost!

My only serious 'real' question, is why the choice of running 65 lb injectors? They (safely, at like 90+ duty cycle) are going to limit you in the neighborhood of around 500-530 crank HP safely....which would translate to about 460/470 whp safely... that maybe enough to just crack the 10's with Drag Radials...but why not kick it up to a gt35r and some larger injectors? Everything else is bulletproof, why not really throw some power to her??

Again, just MY opinion on that hehe...

Only possible suggestions to you (if you can even call them that lol)
- Ditch those EBC or whatever pads and get some Carbotech Panther + pads.
- Look into getting SPL Front Tension Rods....this way you can dial in some caster up front (you want +6 +7)
- Look into getting some SPL Rear Upper control arms..

Other than that, best of luck, and THANKS for posting this. I needed someone to put up a proper KA build, and this answered the call!! I'll change the title, and make ths our official KA build!
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