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The only reason to heat the bottle up or keep it warm w/ the bottle blanket is increase the pressure of the nitrous, correct? Well, the higher the pressure is the better, but what about temp?

Without N20, the object is to run the coolest air possible. Hence the reason for CAI, ice packs, lightly misting the air filter w/ water. If the nitrous was colder, the more Oxygen molecules would enter the intake manifold, thus creating more power.

This was just something I thought needed to be asked and answered. For those of you w/ Nitrous already, how about a little experiment? Take a trip to the track with a heated bottle and then a trip with a cooler or ice around it. Who knows, it might help. I think the bottle heaters are just a way for NOS to make more money.

As far as pressure goes, why not get a steel medical Nitrous Oxide bottle. They use steel ones in the hospitals and in dentist offices. A steel bottle can handle way more pressure, so there won't be a need for a bottle warmer, and it can be ran at a cooler temp for more power. What do ya think?
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