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No start pathfinder cold conditions, intermittent.

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(2008 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4.0) 120,000 miles. Let me start by saying this problem is eating my lunch. It only No starts in cold conditions, generally in the mornings. And only intermittently. I’ve already tested the current battery which was a Nissan OE battery that was replaced two months ago, was a lead cell so even though it tested as good on both voltage and CA/CCA’s I replaced just to rule out low CCA’s in cold weather conditions. Temps in Texas around 40 or under. Replaced with an AGM 24F and additionally wrapped the battery in a thermal blanket for good measure. There are zero DTC’s being thrown throughout this ordeal, not one check engine code and I’m scanning it with a Mac tools MDT-10 not some Walmart crap. Replaced both cam sensors for good measure as they sometimes intermittently fail while throwing no codes. No dice. She cranks strong so it’s not a bad ground or battery connection and also rules out the anti theft system activating and killing ignition. I of course have started the no start diag with the big 3 causes air/spark/fuel. Took off the intake by throttle body to bypass an air issue, sprayed starter fluid in to rule out fuel delivery issue plus I’m hearing the Pump whine. Tested voltage at ignition coils all getting correct voltage around (12v) Stepping on the pedal while cranking doesn’t help the no start. No rich fuel smell to indicate running rich. Without any supporting data to go on I’m at a loss as to what is causing this intermittent no start. Anyone here have a similar issue that wasn’t the Cam sensors or battery or fuel pump? Did a fuel injection cleaner (Lucas) and topped off with higher octane. Also pulled out my power probe to check for power and ground signals and relay tester to rule out an intermittent failing relay. All tested good out of 20 activations with each relay out of the in engine fuse box compartment. Thank you for the help.
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