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I'm copying this from the 3rd gen section. Please stick to the rules and we will help you the best we can. We are trying to cut down on the excess clutter causing vital info to be lost.

Rules are simple:
1) NOOBS only! If you have any question pertaining to the GENERAL MAKEUP of a 4th generation Altima Sedan, ask it here.
2) If a member chooses to answer the question, please quote it to keep the confusion to a minimum.
4) No SPAM whatsoever.
5) No post-whoring.
6) This is NOT a substitute for using the SEARCH FUNCTION! We are more then fortunate enough to have an administrator that has allowed us to use it so if you feel that your question may have been asked before, just SEARCH!

I'm getting tired of newbs coming on here and making a new thread every single time they have a question. This way they have a single thread to ask their questions in. This is also a simple way to meet the members that have been on the forum for years.

Ask away!
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no 4th gens have projectors stock.
Lots of firsts for to the forum, never owned an import car, and this is the first 4 cyl car I've ever owned.

I picked up a 2012 Altima yesterday with 8,900 miles on it. I travel a few times a year from FL. to Cincinnati, Ohio. I usually put the cruise on 78 MPH and just roll. The drive is about 12 to 13 hours, and I only stop for gas, and bathroom breaks. Would trips like this be hard on a little 4 cyl engine?

On a side note, so far I love the car. It sure is a lot more comfortable than my 2000 Jeep, plus it gets tons better gas mileage, and has AC. Got an appointment tomorrow to get the windows tinted.

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First of all, Altimas are not imports lol. Altimas are made in US plants. I think pretty much any car will take that kind of travel just fine. She won't complain at all. Highway driving is easier on cars than city driving. Enjoy!
Total Noob Question: I recently upgraded my non-Bose 2007 Altima Hybrid to the Bose Navi (I know, not the best upgrade, but I want to keep the OEM look). For the console plate around the 6 Disk CD changer, there is a cigarette lighter and ashtray, both are illuminated. I have the power to the cigarette lighter working, but there is a yellow wire for the light above the ashtray and the lighter. Which wire can I tap into for those lights?

Hello everyone:

I need to update my tires soon. I own a 2009 Nissan Altima 4 door.
My tire sizes are P215/60R16 all 4. I currently have Continental ProContent tires.

Before I purchase new tires in the near future I want to know if there are better tires than above said.

I drive 25-30 miles every day to work and I live in Florida.

check out to get ideas on tires. There are a ton of tires on the market that are great. It's just a question of which tire is better for your driving
AC/Heat Blower Problems

I have a 2007 Altima 2.5s 4cyl Sedan.

My blower doesn't start right away when I start my car. Sometimes it kicks in after 5-10 minutes, sometimes longer (like 30-45 minutes). I've had this problem for several months and it happens with both the AC and heat, worse in extreme temperatures, (I live in MN so we get 100 degrees in the summer down to -50 or colder in the winter). Once it turns on it works GREAT!

I had a friend of mine who used to be a Nissan mechanic looked at it and after checking with his ex co-workers he told me to tap the fuse panel cover under the dash and see if that made a difference, and most of the time it does after the car has warmed up for a while. But that's all the advice they were willing to give me without bringing it in, of course. I've checked all the fuses and everything there is fine, so it's weird to me that hitting the fuse cover would ever work if it's not a loose fuse.

Dealer wants to charge a fortune to even look at it. I have pretty much zero experience working on cars, so mainly looking for advice on things I can ask friends/family to help me with.
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So if I'm understanding the scenario correctly, you turn the knob, nothing happens. But after the car warms up, suddenly it engages and it comes on?
Yes, that is correct. Even after the car is warmed up it can take a while before it will suddenly engage, or respond to my hitting the cover of the fuse panel.

So if I'm understanding the scenario correctly, you turn the knob, nothing happens. But after the car warms up, suddenly it engages and it comes on?
sounds like the blower is going bad.
Why would hitting the fuse box matter if the blower is going out?
sounds like the blower is going bad.
maybe i missed a part. So the blower doesn't kick in until the car is warmed up, but if you hit the fuse box, that will make it turn on as well?
Unless there is a mechanical connection between the fusebox and blower fan, I'd stop hitting it sooner rather than later. Sounds more like a mechanical issue in the motor, or an electrical wiring harness issue.

For the motor, I would guess the brushes are worn/dirty/contaminated and it takes some time for them to heat/cool and it may take some road shock to unstick bearings that are starting to go. For the wiring harness, I doubt any of the actual connectors are at risk, but a quick visual to make sure there is no corrosion or mechanical separation would be a good idea.

I think there may be a BCM (some kind of electric control) between the blower and the rest of the car electrics that was prone to failure..will do a quick search and report back if I find anything.
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What's up guys I have a question about the aero front lip
With it fit on the 2010 sedan front bumper and dose anyone have a pic of it?????????
just get the lip kit for the 2010. 07-09 will not fit properly on a 2010
just get the lip kit for the 2010. 07-09 will not fit properly on a 2010
They don't make it for the 2010 and up I had my local Nissan dealer look it up for me I will just have to make it work
there are other companies other than Nissan. Try Stillen
Hello everyone, I have a 2011 2.5 that has had the entire dash replaced under warranty it just went dead one day. Now I'm having an issue with my Traction Control Light always on, and the BRAKE light coming on and off intermittently, This morning the Engine Service soon light came on. has anyone else had this happen and what was your out come?

I get my oil changes on schedule just checked my brake pads and brake fluid.

Made an appointment for Monday at the dealership, but they are not the most trust worthy In my city. Thanks for any input.
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