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Hello Maxima Army. I have an 07 maxima V6 and the wire harness clip on my farthest back 02 sensor on bank 2 came loose and rested against the exhaust pipe and has melted. The male and female are green pigtails. The female side (or engine side) has melted to the point where the wires are completely free of the pigtail ( please see pictures in attachment).
The male side or 02 sensor side, I’m still able to see where the wire colors set in conjunction with the pin location.
I was able to pic up a female side of plug from a salvage yard but wire coloring is different than what I have on my car (blue, yellow, red/white and red/yellow as seen in pic below)
Does anyone know the pin diagram/order for these 4 colors on my 07 maxima?
Thanks in advance for your help.


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