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oem parts

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oem parts / new here / 90k service

hey all,

just wanted to introduce myself. my name is dan, i'm from maryland. i currently drive a 95 twin turbo supra (exhaust, downpipe, boost controller, intake, etc., etc.).

i'm buying a 93 altima with 83k miles on it for a daily driver tomorrow. i don't plan on modifying it aside from putting in a decent sound system.

it does need a little work, and i'm not sure about the previous owner, so i'm gonna do the 90k service as soon as i get it. i was hoping you all could tell me where i can get a good price on OEM parts and the factory service manuals? i hear courtesy nissan has pretty good prices.

what should i replace when i'm doing the 90k service? i'm planning on doing all the fluids (tranny, oil, coolant, power steering, brakes), spark plugs, fuel and oil filters. probably will do the distributer cap and rotor, and maybe the first o2 sensor. is there anything else i should plan on doing? am i missing anything?

95 supra tt 6spd
93 gxe 5spd
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don't get a 93 i'll give you my 97 for the supra ;)
zEk-sss said:
don't get a 93 i'll give you my 97 for the supra ;)
why shouldn't i get a 93? i checked it out. it runs very well. no real problems that i could find except for the rear passenger window doesn't work. less than $3k for it.

95 supra tt
93 gxe?
I'll give ya my 95 turbo alty for your supra tt...
ohh nothing wrong with 93 I just thought that a 97 would be more appealing for that trade ;)
and 83k miles is good most people here have 93's with way over 100k
OEM Parts: Go to the FAQ Forum and look for Dave Burnette's contact info. or

90K checkup: (posted twice already since Wed):

Service Manuals: Ebay or

welcome aboard, and one friendly tip... look on the top post in General Discussion forum. See the announcement post? look at that post, as many possibly future questions you may have are there.. if not, and you are still stuck, ask away.
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