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Oil Filter Size?

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I wanted to buy an oil filter wrench but need to know how big the oil filter is? Anyone know what size wrench to use? I haven't been under the car yet just got my rhino ramps, and other oil change supplies today. Now I just need the filter wrench and filter.
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Like Ripleys...

I forgot to get a wrench when I first did mine, drained the oil and remembered I did not have a filter wrench:( I looked around my tool box and my HONDA motorcycle filter wrench fits my oe nissan filter perfectly!! I could not believe it...:p
I have never done this, but there is a messy way to do it. You drive a screw driver through the old oil filter and use the handle to turn it.

You may want to get the wrench though! :D
The filter is so small you can wrap your hand around and give it a strong twist. My wrenches don't fit.
Oil Filter Removal

I have done two oil changes now and believe me you will not remove the filter BY HAND...

In a previous thread I mentioned if you use OEM, the solid rubber seal you find on most filters , is hollow on the Nissan equivalent.
Press it with your finger and it is soft, like a hollow membrane. It makes a super seal with the engine. ONLT TIGHTEN by HAND when installing because removal will be extremely difficult.

The TOOL :: Oil Filter Wrench--Super Graphite Number 5.
It is the Cap type(you can put a wrench or a socket wrench on the end for removal) It is made by FLOTOOL USA. About $5 in any parts store.:cool:
Thanks for the reply. Would you know if it works on the larger filter the 15208-9E000. I think that is the filter I'll be using.

The Filter for the 3.5 Litre is the 65F00. That is the one it calls for and that is what you should use.

On a lighter note the diameter is the same so the tool I specified will work.:rolleyes:
just because that's what came on the car does not mean that's what is needed. What about your tires - are you going to put Turanza's on there when they wear out?

You can use any filter you want - Fram, AC, Mobile 1, or Nissan. You are in no way obligated to use the one that came on your car.

Please explain why using a larger filter is not a good thing to do? Assuming it has the same gasket seal and performance/flow characteristics?
Oil Filter

javentre, I assume you are asking me these questions ?

The 65F00 for the 3.5 is the RECOMMENDED filter by Nissan. I believe that Nissan has an engineering department that is slightly more knowledgable than this forum. This filter was recommended because of the clearance(you haven`t been under one of these yet, have U?) When the filter is longer the plastic flap can`t close entirely and would allow in debris around this area. Another thought might be that the filter would protrude just that much more and reduce the clearance to the road.

There was a forum dealing with filters and you can look it up. Bottom line conclusion is the best is Mobile 1 followed by OEM and then varius other makes. Why bother with cheaper ones?

Change your oil regularily with the filter and that`s it.
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yea, I've been underneath it, and it fits fine - it doesn't interfear with that flap at all. It is about 1/4" away from it. Have you even seen a 9E000 Filter? Have you compared them? 65F01 is the replacement - 65F00 has been discontinued.

If nissan engineers knwo what they are doing - then why are they putting shitty tires on a car like this? Why aren't they fixing rattles in people's dome lights - by using 1/2" foam at the factory? Not everything that is done by the manufacturer had an a lot of thought behind it. But wait - if they put a connector against the sheetmetal and it rattles - maybe I shouldn't line it with foam to stop the rattle - because the engineers know what they are doing.

Nissan always recommends specific parts for something - they even recommend Nissan Shocks and Struts - but I'm sure not going to replace mine with Nissan ones. And I'll bet you that the ones they get replaced with will not be exactly the same dimensionally.

The filter has the exact same diameter - it's just longer - so it has zero impact on ground clearance. Go and pick up 5 aftermarket filters - they will all vary in length - unless they are all rebadged champion filters.

My nissan dealership in Dulles said they are often out of stock of the 65F01 filters and interchange them with the 9E all the time, there are no adverse effects from it.

Why don't you go buy a filter and see how it fits before you shoot your mouth about ground clearances - and lengths interfearing with plastic shields. It's 1/4" longer - that is negligable. Heck if you goto the dealership and ask to see both of them side by side - you don't even need to spend the ~$4.75

use some simple logic here - if the ONLY difference is length - and it fits in w/o adverse effects it can only be a good thing to have increased oil capacity and filtering area.

now lets assume that it doesn't fit on your car - and that shield does interfear with it - even though every other altima I've seen has no problem. If that shield is so important for prevention of water and debris why is it made of flimsy plastic that is going to shake and wobble in the wind? I can move it by blowing on it.
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I hate to get involved in another oil filter discussion -- we all know how badly the last one ended when the boners showed up -- but javentre's right about the clearance issue. There's plenty of room for a slightly longer, wider filter than the baby-sized Nissan OEM unit. I've seen the Delco #1127 listed in several parts guides for our cars, and it has both a larger circumference and a longer body than the factory unit. (The gasket diameter is the same, but the filter body is wider.)

The Fram 6607 is sized exactly as the OEM unit, but the 7317 used in previous Altimas as well as the VQ in the Pathfinder is the same circumference and thread pitch but about a half-inch longer, providing (presumably) more filter area.

I went with a Bosch baby-sized filter the last time around (I can't remember the part number), but I'll probably go with the Delco 1127 at next change. It'll fit fine. And frankly, the Moped-sized OEM filter concerns me.

And Ratwayne, not to throw fuel into the fire here, but while Nissan filters are fine and obviously recommended by the manufacturer, there's no reason to stick with them if you'd prefer to go with an aftermarket unit. You're free to make your own choices with the full force of the factory warranty still in effect, a right long ago hashed out in the courts to prevent monopolistic parts practices by automobile manufacturers.

Jarrod K. Wright
'02 3.5 SE 5-speed
'02 G20 Sport 5-speed
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Oil Filters Again

I answered a question for S1DIMMER on oil filter wrenches. He thanked me and then low and behold javentre.

You can use any bloody filter you want....

Jerrod you were around when all the questions and web sites on filter testing was introduced. Wasn`t most of the aftermarket ones inferior?

javentre don`t take it seriously, i thought we were all here to help , I`m not pointing fingers, hope you aren`t. I read all the info that was available on filters and voiced my opinion and bang I`m SHIT on.
jkwright said:
I hate to get involved in another oil filter discussion -- we all know how badly the last one ended when the boners showed up -
You just can't resist can you? :rolleyes:
yes, I popped in after you "helped" him, becuse you made it sound like he was obligated to use that thimble of a filter - and that since it was recommended by Nissan that makes it the best choice. Both of which I disagree with.

I was simply disagreeing with you and trying to figure out why you would say - that is the one someone "should use" when there is clearly a better option out there.

Yes, most aftermarket filters are crap. Champion Labs makes majority of them out there - including the Mobile1 filter - which is high quiality but extremely overpriced. However there are good ones - like the Purolator Pure 1 - Mobile 1 - and some Napa/Wix filters are pretty good as well. But for the money - you can't go wrong with OE/Nissan ones - they are pretty high quality. And ify ou can get a larger one for the same price - you should - there are no adverse impacts from it.
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