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My stock 2003 Alti was involved in a heinous accident. Partly my fault because I know that people do silly things, and I was not leaving myself an out... Long/short: total loss.

Good news is: I found the inner “strength” to throw financial prudence out the window, and made my $22K loan a $31K.

I was able (through some stock (NASDAQ) sells and luck) to keep similar monthly payments; although I went back up to 48 months of future payments; I was on payment 22 of 48 on my 2003 Altima.

I got a 6MT G35 Sedan. For those who do not know, the 6MT comes standard with the Sport Package, and it is righteous and good.

I think W WILLY got a TL after a Alti, and I will search for his feedback shortly. However, I will leave you with these parting comments. RWD v. FWD = = Jerusalem v. Compton
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