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Hey all

I'm selling my 93' Saturn - Heres the specs:

- 4 dr
- white w/blue interior
- fully loaded (pwr every, cruise etc...)
- 179,000kms

Info: purchased last year from a dealer, brand new exhaust and brakes the day I picked it up - just spent $1000 (including labour) on it to fix wipers (died) and to replace the oil pan (had hole in it)

Whats needed: windshield - just stopped at Apple Auto Glass and have a written quote of $495 tx's in to replace. This may seem high but these windshields cost more cause they are wrapped around on both sides......not a common windshield.

Details: I will sell the car for $2500

Reason for selling: This has been a great car but I don't need it anymore cause my wife and I are buying my in-laws mini-van off of them for a 2nd vehicle. I only drive the Saturn 2 days a week to work...thats it. I believe I've put 10,000kms on this car since I purchased it.

You can send me an email here: [email protected] if you'd like some more are pretty much impossible right now since my PC is not hooked up since our move. If anyone would like to see the car, no problem.

Its in the ATrader now.

Let anyone know that might be interested. Thanks.


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I got a 94 probe GT I'm trying to unload too. Good luck man!
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