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Paint Jobs

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I got my alty about a year ago and i noticed the shitty paint job the owner before me got. It's a brighter beige and i can't stand it. The car has scrape marks and dings along the side of the car and I just want a new ****ing paint job but don't have thousands to spend. I want a nice, black car. WHen I slide my hands across the car i want it to slip off! OK, maybe I'm asking too much, but i need to know how much i should (and shouldn't) pay for a paint job on my 94 alty.
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you can expect to pay anywhere from $149 to $10,000
if it is a light color going to a dark its going to be expensive. it all depends on how good you want it.
Yolu might wanna go and get your car wet sanded it might help with the feel of the car
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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