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Hi everyone. I'm posting here because I'm experiencing paint problems on my 2011 Versa in, I believe, "electric blue" and I'm hoping someone in here has experienced a similar situation so that I can a) know that I'm not crazy, and b) perhaps get some advice on what to do next.

I have reached out to two dealerships -- one of them the dealer who sold me the vehicle. They side with me, but who knows, I know they just want to make sure I buy the inevitable replacement vehicle from them. Sounds like they might be able to bump up the trade value for me, which is a nice consolation but not what I'm really after. This is a terrible defect with potentially harmful consequences.

As you can see, the paint is clearly not sticking to the primer. My toddler could not keep her hands off of it. Whenever we leaned over to open the door and place her in her seat, she'd grab at it. It was like a scab that she had to pick, and she took a big chunk out. Thankfully she did not put it in her mouth!

Here's the most astonishing part of this situation -- Nissan refuses to admit that this is a paint defect. They are standing by their diagnosis that this is a result of "acid rain". I mean, come on! I'm not a dummy. I did a ton of research on this. I came across this story:

How Long Should Your Car's Paint Job Last? | NBC Southern California

Same color!

Nissan refuses to offer any assistance with the paint job needed. I asked why some others have qualified for a "good will" assistance and the regional supervisor informed me that perhaps they owned multiple Nissans. I told her that I too have owned multiple Nissans. I had a Pathfinder, and then this Versa. She then told me that two is not enough.

The worst part is not that they're refusing to help me, but that they're refusing to stand by their product, and they're refusing to admit a defective paint job -- and likely a defective paint color!

They must think I'm some kind of moron. Acid rain?!?
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