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Hello, I have a 2000 altima gxe 2.4. Can anyone identify the part currently circled and its function. And also is it normal for the fan to continue running 20 seconds after making a 20 or so minute drive in Southern weather with these cars? Thanks guys.
What, they didn't teach you to read in school? Pic clearly tells you. Evap is the system that prevents fuel vapors from polluting the air. That is the port to check the hoses going back to fuel tank and tank itself for integrity and no breaks or leaks.

Fan staying on may be normal. some cars do it. It may help to know that ALL engines get somewhat hotter as soon as you turn them off. As long as the fan DOES turn off don't worry about it.

Thank you for the reply, but I was referring to the part directly above/behind the evap service port that I drew a line too.
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