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performance plugs, wires, ignition coils.

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yea...who makes performance plugs, wires, and ignition coils specific to a '93 altima 5spd?

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mike1lin said:
yea...who makes performance plugs, wires, and ignition coils specific to a '93 altima 5spd?

NGK, Jacobs, MSD, Magnecore.

That's just to name a few companies do a search on ignition, plugs and wires. all of this has been discussed before.
I don't know how true it is, but one of the service technicians at the Nissan dealership told me a while back that the Altimas (I don't know if he meant just Gen. 1 or all) actually run better on the standard Nissan plugs than on performance or titanium types. He may have been right. I've only had the Nissan plugs since I bought the car new in 1996. My car will be 6 years old in May, and it has 72k miles, and it still performs as well or better as day one. Just an FYI.
I just put new NGK Platinum plugs in yesterday and it made a world of difference. So far, no hard starts and purrrrrrs at idle. I put the "G-Power" plugs in from NGK.

I just got NGK Iridium spark plugs about a week ago. They made a big difference but they are kinda expensive ($15 each)
hey where did you get those spark plugs at? did you order them or did you get them at auto zone or something (refering to the $15 ones)
I read somewhere, i think SCC or Super Street, that tha Irdium plugs are good forced induction, i.e. Nitrous or Turbo, tehy actually made more horsepower, now that i think about it , it wuz SCC it showed a proven gain on there Dyno. So if ur running Nitrous or Turbo , those are some good plugs to get.
I heard dat iridium plugs aren't good for forced induction. I could be wrong though
I got the plugs at St. Andres in HB. It took them forever to get them though I wouldn't recommend going through them. I don't think the auto parts store will have the iridium plugs. You will need to go to a performance shop to get them. I know the NGK makes them for the altima and so does denso. I am running Nitrous and it does make a big difference. platium plugs are the ones that are no good because they get way tooo hott!!!!!
I worked at a nissan dealer and it's true! ONLY use ngk plugs and wires for ka. I used bosche platinum and they burnt out quick and didn't perform all that well. I use standard ngk and change em every 25k. The iridium plugs are for nos and turbo and will do you no good. More money doesn't always mean performance!
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