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i got the white gauges/indiglos from, they are the ones that can change colors w/ the controler...

at night my dimmer is turned to the left and just my headunit and indglos are on no other lights in the car light up, when i put the dimmer in the middle my indiglos look like a ****in disco ball they blink back and forth and turn all different colors, then when i turn the dimmer to the far right the indglows trun off and all of my normal lights turn on, like my heat/ac controls, and gear

well, how do i get the indiglos on while having the rest of my interior on at the same time? it is really pissing me off, i cant see my heat controls or what gear i am in.

also i want to change the lighting color of my dash lights and gear selector, i want them red, what size bulbs are these..any info? thanks
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