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I have a 2009 Nissan Sentra base model. I have searched the forums and while there were other threads similar to this, I wanted to provide my own pictures so as to be 100% certain I was looking at the right things. With something this important to my own safety, I don't want to mess around!

Please see the pictures. I want to lift my 2009 Sentra off the ground completely (all 4 wheels). I have a floor jack and 4 jack stands. My impression is that I will find a central spot in the front and the back and then place the jack stands on the usual reinforced spots near the doors.

Let me know if these are okay to use with a jack:

Front-view from below vehicle (plastic skirt removed):

Front-view through engine compartment:

Rear-Should I use point A or point B?

((It wouldn't let me upload my images to the forum and so I had to use imgur. Sorry! I'm working on it!))

THANK YOU!!! I'm excited to get started on this awesome forum!
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