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polyurethane bushings!

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has anyone switched to poly urethan ebushing instead of the rubber ones, and do they make a kit for our car?
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The rear sway bar from Suspension Techniques has poly bushings, and I got a set of poly bushings for the front sway bar from Whiteline. You can get the poly for the front at most parts places....They make generic bushings, and the front ones are a pretty standard size.

The ones I got from Whiteline, in Australia, are actually for their front bar, but they happen to be the exact same as ours.

And no, there are no full kits available for an Altima.
I got it from doesn't fit. I used the bushings, but the bar is sitting in my closet.

We're sorta working on getting some front bars made, but they'll be for first gens.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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