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2013 Sentra SR
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Hello again folks,

My 2013 Sentra SR is supposed to get me about 8.5L/100km (Canadian car)

My father is currently driving a courtesy car from the same garage that I bought my SR from... his is a 2014 Sentra SV, and his display posts 7.5-8.5L/100km when HE drives it... I took it for a day, and got up to 9.5L/100km, possibly because of my heavy-foot, but I also did more city-driving.

My issue is that my SR is displaying 13L/100km... nearly DOUBLE...

Has anyone else had mileage issues with their 2013 Sentras?

And is there any suggestions how I can get that number down? I mentioned it to the garage, they said that the car had been sitting in the lot for 6 months, and that I should drive it a bit more first. It has been 11 days, I actually started at 15.5L/100km and managed to get it down to as low as 12.5L/100km.

This morning I reset the counter, and have driven about 40km since then, and the display currently reads 13.5L/100km.

Sorry for my American counter-parts, but I don't know the exact miles/gallon conversion.

Thanks for any suggestions and ideas. :nerd
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