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i have an auto 94 GXE with power windows. when u turn on the car(some times) the back left window goes down by it self and im not touchin anything and wont go back up. now it broke. now the back driver side window is doing it. its prob goin to brake to. but it will go up and down by the controls but not the passanger side. with wont work anymore at all. and the driver side window the butten to make the window go down with just hittin it once dosnt work but i can but it down if i use the other butten and hold it down. what is wrong is water or some thing happening to the cercuit board for the windows? has this happened to anyone before? how can i fix it? WHATS WRONG? its a pain in the ass. HELP!!!!:confused: :mad:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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