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i just read this on another forum i frequent.

it started off as a conversation about swiss army knife USB readers.

Actually, We've found a really good use for USB keys. Thunderbird runs on them just fine meaning you can check your e-mail from anywhere.

Next week some of us at work are ordering 1/2 gig usb keys from at $67 a pop.

Since I have a Windows box, a Linux box, and a Mac laptop all in the same house, the theory is that we can do a triple install of thunderbird on the USB key that will allow us to read and send mail from any machine on any of the 3 operating systems connected to the net. We'll then repeat this insanity with FireFox and Squeak (especially Seaside).

The goal is simple: Cross Platform use anywhere software with no installation. Do what you want to do on whatever mac, PC, or Linux box you can get your hands on.

And for those who think 1/2 gig isn't enough, take a closer link at the people bringing you the swiss knife USB keychain: has 2 gig and 4 gig usb keys on the way. At the rate prices have been dropping for this type of technology, there's some really nice opportunity in this area.
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