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Ladies and Gents,


I am going to show case how this upgrade will work on the Altima. What I bought and Where I got it.


Front Turn Signals -

** I Purchased ASTAR 1,200 lumen 3157 Switchbacks. ($29.99 a set) off of Amazon. The install was just removing the front bumper, then installing.
(Instantly, my Hyper-Flashing started)

** With these LEDs i bought a 6 ohm set of 4 resistors.

Wiring each one to the turn signal of each bulb. 6 ohm only works if you install only 2 leds to your car. (I wanted 4)

** Then I ordered 3056 Bulbs for the rear turn signals. Same ASTARs from Amazon. Man, you want to talk about bright??! No brighter bulb on the market!

With these resistors, they get as hot as the filament inside of a regular bulb. so, I installed them on the rear side of the right and left side behind the carpet. Behind that is a wide open space to have metal and openness no where near a spot to melt wiring or plastic.
The resistors I went with were these...

** I also ordered 921 bulbs to convert my reverse lights to LED. At first, they looked really bright. Amazon (Classic LEDs) I was not impressed. So, I have on order a set of ASTARs on the way. They claim 800 lumens!

** Then the same company I bought a Classic set of interior 194's and 74 leds. Nice lighting but, the glove box light was directional. so, my plan is to convert that over to 48 SMD panel to light up the glove box.

As of Jan 25th, I have on order my 3157 ASTAR LEDs for converting my tail lights. I can't wait to see how these look.
DRL Lights

Brakes Applied

Notice a difference in lighting? Me either.. STRAIGHT DANGEROUS.


Now, my new project...

Now that the hyperflash is gone, i kinda miss it. With the LED lights that I installed for my turn signals, they are producing 1,200 lumens each. imagine having that in your eyes when stuck in rush hour. so now, I want to find a way to toggle the circuit cutoff. just to the grounds.

I'm going to call this "RUSH HOUR MODE" but, im going to install a dual toggle switch next to the trunk release.

Stay tuned.:laugh

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All of the lights are converted to LED. I'm excited!

Now the next project is Daytime Running light voltage modification. When you buy leds for combination brake lights. Often times, the brake and drl light output are not much different. So, now I'm going to make sure that they are. I'm going to install led voltage dimmers. This will make the brake lights be more visible. I don't want to be rear ended after all these upgrades!

I'm taking some more measures to be seen. I am installing a brake strobing controller. The flashes are Very Fast.
This is the controller that I have installed from

These are crazy bright and i'm working on getting it fixed at 50% brightness.
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