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Question about idle?

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i need to turn my idle up cause my car is idling at 500 rpms which makes the car shake and shit, so i was wondering if its a simple turn of the screw or is it more than that and wheres the idle control at,screw?:confused:
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Fette! With the tech talk! Very impressive. :D
Suffice to say, it really isn't on the throttle body, or near the firewall.
Jethro_13 has a point, there, though. Maybe your idle has dropped due to air/fuel filter or the need for a tuneup.
A. That's too high
B. Did you read Fette's post? You don't adjust the idle with the screws at the throttle body. If you don't believe her or me, ask my friend Mr. Haynes.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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