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NissanLunatic is selling these so called WAI's fo $38
i guess it has to be cheap if every body is interested but i would like to know what does it improve or what is it for
im not really into the performance thing but if its good to the
alty its good for me:D ......
thanx fellas
one !

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If you're not into performance, then it's just a mod...looks cooler than the stock airbox.
For performance, it lets the engine breath more freely, allowing you to climb rpms a lil faster and possibly generate a horsepower. If it's your only mod, you won't feel any gain in performance. It'll sound cool though...not a deep low growl like a cold air intake (cai), but nice. Best way to go is get the header, then catback/exhaust, then header + high performance catalytic converter. You'll get some bang each step of the way and not screw anything up.

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From the FAQ on

note: short ram system is equivalent to WAI

AEM CAS vs. SRS Intake Systems

Q: Why is there only a Short Ram intake system for some applications?

A: "Our Research & Development team has discovered that certain applications make more power with shorter intake tracts than those with long intake tracts. This is determined through repeated testing of various intake piping for every application we manufacture," Says Chief Engineer John Concialdi, "In some cases the length and diameter of the pipe plays a more important role than inlet temperature (within reason) in making power in a useable rpm range."

Q: Isn't the air temperature critical in making power?

A: Concialdi responds, "Indeed it is. In the case where induction system length requires a short system we determine the coolest part of the engine compartment through a sophisticated temperature reading procedure during the R&D process. We then design the system so that the filter element resides in this location."

Q: Would heat shields help reduce inlet air temperature?

A: "If heat shielding is not offered for an AEM Short Ram intake system, it is because it made no quantifiable gains in power production and is therefore unnecessary. This too, is determined through temperature testing of prototype systems with, and without heat shields."

Q: What effects does pipe length and diameter have on power?

A: Says Concialdi, " Generally, longer systems create more torque with a slight penalty in top-end rpm power. Conversely, shorter systems generally make more top-end power than long systems. This is particularly true for systems that employ 'speed density' EFI systems. In the case of EFI systems that incorporate some form of an air-mass measuring system, such as a hot wire, the sensitivity of the pipe dimension is increased." Again, AEM stresses that its goal is to manufacture products that make the most power-and in some cases this will be a Short Ram intake system over a Cold Air intake system.

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