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Hey everyone,
Our long time client asked me to give his GT-R a good inspection and tackle any new defects/imperfections that had been between booking his Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating application prior to the new owner taking delivery.

We were hesitant to do so only because if we did, we knew the prospective buyer would definitely drive home with it and SV Details would no longer get to see the car on a regular basis.

No worries, we’re a business and Auto Detailing is what we’re here for!

We performed your standard wash with an added chemical decontamination as well as some clay bar action. Deeper scratches were present so some wet sanding was also involved.

All in all, the vehicle looked immaculate after everything was done, and sure enough….The prospective client turned out to be the new owner.

We managed to record the process and edited a short and nice little video out of it:

We’ve just recently started this channel, and are looking to upload more content routinely.

Please take a moment to check it out and let us know what you think 👍🏼

Also, if you’re looking for any detailing tips/recommendations for DIY projects, feel free to add them on this thread or simply send a direct message.

Thank you for reading 👌🏼
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