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SoCal-SERCA at Streets of Willow Springs #5!!!

Come on out and join the SE-R Club of America's (SERCA)
SoCal Chapter, a group of fellow import sport compact car
enthusiasts for a SAFE, fun and educational day at the track.
Friday 5/23/03 at
Currently we have plenty of spots available but they will fill up,
since we have a maximum of 50 cars, insuring plenty of
track time for all.

Cost is $110 for SERCA members, $140 for all others
(Paypal $113/$145), which is on the low end of the track
days and hot-lapping groups. The great thing is you don't
have to own an SE-R or even a Nissan to join SERCA and you can take advantage of the discounts.

We run in 3 groups (4-5 sessions per group/day) beginner,
intermediate and advanced, with instruction. We have a
starter, corner workers and a two man EMS/flat tow (off
track). Bring your own car, pass the tech inspection at the
track and bring a helmet. For more details and registration go

Carlos Gutierrez, SERCA Southwest Region Exec.
[email protected]
or call (661) 644-1434

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