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Aiight here it is, tha long awaited instructions on how to swap tha radio wit ur ac/heat controls. Total hours spent ~ 3.5 hours !!!

Tools ull need for this project is, a Dremel wit a piercing/cutting bit and a phillips head screw driver, or drill.

First u need to take off tha panel tha houses tha ac controls and disconnect all wires from tha control box, and all wires from that panel. put tha panel aside, and take out ur gauge cluster, and disconnet all wiring from there !! Oh and if u guys r like me, and u hate that annoyin lil bell behind ur dash, then disconnect taht too !! cuz i did ! Ne way no take tha panel thats under neath tha steering wheel off , and tha panel thats goes around tha radio and shifter area, and that lil wood trim piece that pops off, put all panels aside.

Now take out tha lil cage that holds tha radio, pocket, and cup holders out. Make sure to disconnect all wires from tha radio. put radio aside.

Now this part is kinda tricky, u gotta seperate tha hazard wires, and tha clock wires from tha bunch that go into tha ac control box. Now u have to run tha ac/heat control wires down tha left side of vent box, there is room and its kinda a tight fit, but they will all fit. Do tha same for all radio wires. And make sure u run tha antenna wire too, but tha antenna wire has to b ran up tha right side of tha vent box. Now make sure all ur remote wires and rca's have enough slack to reach all tha way up there.

NOw tha crafty part, now that u have ran all wires, u need to get oout tha dremel, and make a whoel in tha vent box big enough so that tha CD player has enough room to fit in there.

Now that u have cut tha whole in tha vent box, make sure to clean up all thqa shavings , from ur vents, or ull have a big mess on ur seats, like i did :)

Now that u have all tha hard stuff done, u need to file or sand down tha black panel tha housed tha ac/heat control box. U need to sand it down so that tha cd players cage fits in there. This is a must if not ur cd player will move all around and skip all tha time, like mine did , this will give tha cd player support, and keep it in place. Once u get tha cd player cage in there, ull notice that tha cage is flat, and doesnt curve to tha housing. Now is tha time to get creative and think of smethin to put on top and underneath so that u wont see tha cage stickin.

This is wha i did, i went to tha store, and bought a black silicone vacuum line, and cut into quarters length wise, and put some glue on tha cage, and put that hose there, so i looks kinda flush.
U cna use n ethin u want.

Now would b a good time to clean some of those panels. And now jus connect everything back together, all radio wires, and Ac/Heat control wires. Put all panels back , and ther u go , u jus did tha radio and ac swap !!!!

Now i have yet to figure out how to mount tha Ac/Heat control box, imthink im gonna make a custom pannel for it. but that part is up to and ur creativity!!!!

Ay yo man that's some dope shit, but listen to this:

I got a pioneer hu with the dolphins on 'em,
and i got digital air con too.

Do those things swap easy or what?

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I'm doing this too...

Im prob going to be doing thesame swap you you think that a cage from a radio will work for the ac controls? so that way you can mount it where the radio used to be? Let me know..

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