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For Sale: 02 Altima Real Brushed Aluminum dash kit...
Have it for a 3 days and wife sold her Jetta and now using the opal Altima. Out of 30, 1 trim which is the speaker ring was installed and almost installed the driver side power control i.e.
windows/door etc. trim, when she decided she don't want it. I can remove the installed ring but whoever will buy it have to install another 3M tape. All the rest of the kit is untouched. Now have to use my 93 'lude. Gotta save money and get me an 03 Altima. Priced @ $300.00 delivered. By the way, I pre-bented the trim on the driver side.. e-mail me [email protected]
if anyone is interested or questions.. Joshua trim sell this for over $400...

update:----10/02/02 *** price now at $200.00 delivered..
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