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Really need advise/help with 2013 Veraa engine noise! All help appreciated!

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For more context:

I bought the car at 122k. I don't remember if it had a tick, but a mechanic checked it out so I doubt it. Or maybe the tick is fine and I'm crazy.

I don't think the timing chain has been done, I just replaced the sparkplugs thinking it would help (the old ones were actually really clean). The engine seems to be burning excess oil for some reason, I don't think it overheats but Don know because it has no temp guage.

The engine shakes a lil bit, nothing crazy. There seems to be an issue with a belt because sometimes I'll hear a really loud belt whining noise when I try starting it sometimes. Only way to make it stop is turning the car off (but happens very rarely, can't replicate). I TOOK THE SERPENTINE BELT OFF FOR DIAGNOSIS AND NOISE PERSISTED.

No check engine lights yet.

Lifter tick...? :(((

Any help would be super appreciated!
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That's what my 2010 Versa hatchback 1.8L engine with 138K miles sounded like before the engine warmed up. I no longer have the Versa - I donated it to my sister last month. If that's the case with your car I'd call it normal engine noise before it reaches operating temperature. I never had the timing chain adjusted or replaced, it drove just fine the way it was. Don't overthink it.
There is no adjustment for timing chain. Solid lifters and they make a little noise when cold, normal until they heat up to get quieter. It's a plated block with no liners and running with dirty oil can score cylinders to eat oil. Why I run 15w-40 oil in mine, to slow down that plating wear. If worn enough you get some piston slap noise cold too.
Could be. The valves are sprung so soft now they commonly don't wear but there is provision to change them by buying thicker buckets to take up lash. The dealers will think you are crazy if you do it as they don't ever.

There was a rash of engine fails before '10 when the plating on blocks was defective to let them wear rapidly to piston slap and lots of engines changed over it. Beyond that the plating can fail on any of them and if so then will make noise.
Any cylinder wear would then mean oil consumption along with it.
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