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Really need advise/help with 2013 Veraa engine noise! All help appreciated!

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For more context:

I bought the car at 122k. I don't remember if it had a tick, but a mechanic checked it out so I doubt it. Or maybe the tick is fine and I'm crazy.

I don't think the timing chain has been done, I just replaced the sparkplugs thinking it would help (the old ones were actually really clean). The engine seems to be burning excess oil for some reason, I don't think it overheats but Don know because it has no temp guage.

The engine shakes a lil bit, nothing crazy. There seems to be an issue with a belt because sometimes I'll hear a really loud belt whining noise when I try starting it sometimes. Only way to make it stop is turning the car off (but happens very rarely, can't replicate). I TOOK THE SERPENTINE BELT OFF FOR DIAGNOSIS AND NOISE PERSISTED.

No check engine lights yet.

Lifter tick...? :(((

Any help would be super appreciated!
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That's what my 2010 Versa hatchback 1.8L engine with 138K miles sounded like before the engine warmed up. I no longer have the Versa - I donated it to my sister last month. If that's the case with your car I'd call it normal engine noise before it reaches operating temperature. I never had the timing chain adjusted or replaced, it drove just fine the way it was. Don't overthink it.
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