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Rear Brake tube assembly, LH

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Does anyone know 100% for sure the tubing size and fitting sizes for the rear brake tube LH? I cannot get the OEM Nissan part from my nearby Nissan dealers as there is no availability anywhere near me (in Canada). I have found the part name and part number from The part is called TUBE-BRAKE REAR LH and is Part Number 46316-ET80A. This brake tubing is connected on the right rear side of the car from a flex hose and runs over to the left side of the car to the brake line bracket, where it connects to the left side brake flex hose to caliper supply. Ref.

I need to know the tubing size as well as the fittings so I can repair the line with compatible replacement tube and fittings of the correct size that I can purchase from a local auto parts store.

If anyone can shed some light on the diameter of tube I would need for this repair and the size and thread pitch of the fittings at the end connection points that would be immensely helpful for me to get the correct repair parts.

Thanks in advance.

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I managed to get the whole line off, although it being quite rusted. I wasn't keen on attempting to undo the line because a lot of times the line spins with the fitting when they are very rusty and then you end up with a broken line and no choice but to replace everything. I sprayed it down a few times with Lloyd's Moovit penetrating oil and applied some heat with a propane torch to the fittings at the flex hose connections and got it to break free after a couple of attempts. I'll just have my local parts store match up the line and fittings for me tomorrow.

I'll try to remember to get some photos of the repair and post them back here later in case anyone wishes to follow this thread.
Any success? Having the same issue. Left rear brake line that connects to the caliper rusted at the clip.
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