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Autofanatic said:
how do i remove the back seat to access the rear speakers? Do I need to remove both the seat bottom in addition to the seat back???

This is how you gain access to the rear speakers on a newer Altima:

If you want to remove the bottom part of the seat, there are two bolts that hold them in place. I think they are 14mm bolts. Pull and it will release fairly easy.

Then you'll want to remove the side parts of the seats. There is one bolt for each piece for a total of 2 bolts. Pull and it will release easy as well.

You'll just need to lower the back of the seat. Then you'll need to pop out the 3rd brake light.

Next, you'll need to pop out the tabs that hold the rear cover in place. I think there are 6 on top and 2 (might be 4) where you fold down the seat. (Some of them are a pain and might break!)

Then, you need to pop out the side plastic pieces between the rear window and the rear doors.

Finally, remove the rear cover with ease. :)

Change speakers and reverse procedure. :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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