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It's almost over now!!
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so yeah, this last weekend I went to the Roots Rock Reggae concert and it fucking OWN3D! I was truly amazed with the venue they had to show:
Ziggy Marley and the Marleys
Nappy Roots
Toots and the Maytols
and someone I already forgot

all this located on a side of a skiresort's trail...pretty cool, minus having to walk down a steep hill all screwed up!

hippes galore...BUT those stinky bastards loved getting a cracka like me stoned! and I'm not one for saying no when it comes to free stuff. met some cool people, met some cool lesbian who fed me "brownies" as she called them ;) I have no memory of trying to walk around...but it seems I did a good job seeing I only fell once!!! mom be proud!

show summary
1st band...forgot them

2nd band...yeah them too

3rd...toots put on the most energenic show I have ever witnessed! amazing...had almost every one of the 10g plus people on their feet either dancing or smoking...or a little of two.
played like a 1.5 hour set and did many classic roots/dance hall numbers and alot of his own material. at the end, he came off the stage and shook hand with/hugged almost everyone in the first 2 rows. I would go see him again in a second!

4th...nappy roots, good band, not too shabby live. not as impressed as I thought I'd be. played alot of hits, sadly you know that's why half of the people showed up :ugh: got their autographs...maybe sell them on ebay

5th...Ziggy and his family. straight up real! not showy, not fake...straight up rastifari(sp?) did some of his father's hits, did alot of his own. he is an amazing artist. I was more amazed that he stepped back to let some most of his family take center stage. showing that he's not the "main attraction." there was some dude who just waved the jamaican flag like it was his job...which it prolly was. he also collected all the weed people threw up on stage. like ziggy doesn't have the good sensemillia in his trailer.

in all GREAT FUCKING SHOW!!! totally worth the money...which I didn't pay anyhow.

not resized...get a better modem/isp! :lol:

my viewpoint when we first got there...lookign for a good "chill spot"

it was "supposed" to rain...:ugh:

Riz on his MANY beer runs...

random mullet man

completely wasted riz

this dude passed out for the ENTIRE SHOW!!!

toots and maytols

lots of hippies..and some clothed titties :bawl:


nappy roots dj

nappyroots...token fat dude

where da white wimmenz at?

marleys dancing man/weed collector


again ziggy

lesbian who smoked me up...gave me pot brownie
chicks name is "constance" or something...:)
no I didn't get to hit it :( but her ugly gf prolly will :bawl:

ziggy marley's sis with big tits!

and for those awake enough to read this far...MILF!!! dark pics..but I was trying to be covert! full zoom on a60 > then disposable!


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Yes quite the MILF.....dude you should have talked to the lesbian and got her into the three some just so you could tap it! lol

It's almost over now!!
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wurd...that was the driest goddamn brownie I ever had...I don't think she used eggs! :eek:

as for the show, it was worth the money and then some!
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