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I was tryin to sleep today and couldnt do it but I started thinking for some reason bout relays, and then bout how my fuse is blown on my cruise control, then I figured this out

There is a way with 4 relays to convert your cruise control switches, when it s on, its cruise control, if the power button is off then your 3 buttons on the steering wheel can be used for virtually anything, I plan on using one for my dvd eject button, and I dont know bout the other to, maybe volume up and mute on my radio. Anyway I think after I get back I will be able to make a kind of module that can plug into your existing cruise control, inbetween the switches and the box, It will have either 5 or six wires, Power ground, 1 wire to go to the main cruise switch and your 3 momentary outputs if anyone may be interested.

I will probably have to go to the junk yard and get some extra shit to do it but I will let yal;l know how it turns out on my car.

If anybody might be interested in getting one of these modules let me know
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