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Rotating Color Interior Lights in Kicks Vs Cube

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I had a 2009 Cube with the interior lighting package that included lights by the driver's and passenger's feet that could rotate through 19 colors. When I traded in the Cube for the 2020 Kicks two weeks ago, I wanted those lights again because they brought me a lot of joy. The dealership agreed to install them, and did so this past Tuesday. I can barely see the lights and I can't tell what color they are, even when I'm driving at night. Is this an issue with the install, or are the lights different because of the difference in car model for some reason? I don't like the service department at this particular dealership (and I would've used a different dealership, but CostCo only has an agreement with this particular location) and I don't want to go back because they acted like I was a bother, but I am not happy with the lighting and it's important to me.

Does anyone else have any points of data about the rotating-color feet lights in the 2020 Kicks?

Thank you!
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