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Strange one -
2019 Rouge SV - 50,000 miles

Have a Autel 808 scanner, was checking car 2nd time in 3 months, auto scan, no codes. Went to TCM and checked no codes, then O/D light came on saying off, Fluid is new had changed with all new filters 2 3 months ago, light was never on before using scanner. Light does not blink to reflect any error codes when starting. This car does not have a O/D switch as well on gear shift.

RPMs are correct - 2000-2100 at 75-80 so not in high RPM range at any time, also shifting is as expected no shudder or other issues.

Oddly enough 2 days after the light appeared, was waiting in line at Costco gas. in Park, light turned off. When I shut off the car to get gas and restarted to leave, came back.

Speed sensor ? Maybe clicked on something on scanner be accident while in Autel TCM ?

Thank you
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