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So I have recently replaced the front struts, rear shocks and also installed a "YITAMOTOR 8 Piece Front Lower Control Arms Kit w/Ball Joints, Sway Bar Links, Inner Outer Tie Rod Ends". I also brought 4 new tires from TireRack. I saw a good deal on 235/50R-17 VREDESTEIN HYPERTRAC ALL SEASON REVISED COMPOUND SL for $592.

The car rides and handles great now BUT there is what I believe is tire vibration that becomes very noticeable at 40+ mph. I can feel it in the steering wheel and in the drivers seat.

I have had these tires balanced 4 times at 2 different shops so far. The 2nd shop is the one I have used for previous tires and always had good results. Their rebalance came out better than the original install shop but still not good enough.

Any ideas on what to do now? Do I keep shopping the car to other balance machines? Is it possible that one or more of these tires are defective, perhaps out of round or something? How do you test/prove a possible bad tire?
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