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I know Shawn had(or still has) the Sentra FilterCharger intake. Did that one have the heat shield?

I also noticed that WeaponR makes a 'Cold Air Box' for Sentras so maybe it would work on ours, but I'm not sure....

Whatcha think guys?? If my homemade Comptech Icebox intake doesn't work well enough, I'm sticking w/some kind of modified WAI setup w/my POP Charger I guess but hopefully w/o all of the heat getting to the filter...
So far, I've just opened up the front of the fender resonator to act as a cool air scoop and am going to block off the little 'snorkel' that grabs air behind the headlight(can't be much). I just reset the ecu yesterday and so far, I think the topend is gone (3k and up had a nice little kick w/POP) but I'll give it some time. I was going to go w/3" piping from the fender resonator to the airbox and use a cone filter in the box (a la CoLoSSus) to have a somewhat 'safer' CAI but I don't feel like cutting any holes.

Any other ideas or comments, lemme know...

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