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So as you may know the sentra has been left behind by nissan in the US market, it lacks from features that other nissans of the same year have, it's not like they cannot add them, it's just that they don't want to.

For example there's a lot of stuff that other nissan cars got, like parking aid sensors, blindspot radars and distance cruise control radar, 360 view cameras, lane assistant, steering assistant, paddle shifters, Parking assistant, 😵‍💫 should i continue?

Even the versas got 360 cameras, and if you know the versa is the lowest trim of line, so how is it possible that a car that can be equipped with safety features isn't?

Now don't get me wrong, but there some sentras that do have blindspot monitor and adaptive cruise control, but other than that, there's nothing, not even the SOS button at least.

And the Sentra nismo, which is supposed to be the best sentra made, does not get any safety features, which is a shame considering it's built into the SR turbo chassis and the sr turbo do offer blindspot monitor and adaptive cruise control.

So after so much thinking i decided to change that, i decided that I'll collect everything that nissan offers in other cars and will put it into my sentra so it can be different from the others.

The parts that i have are from different cars, like the nissan juke, (16+) maxima, Rogue (2019 new model). But they all work together.

So i started with the juke, i got the around view monitor with its cameras and put them into my Sentra, i wanted to he as DIY as possible, but the results aren't bad as you may expect, you can buy the mirrors with camera from a 16+ maxima but you'll be spending more money than fabricating custom mirrors yourself.

Here are the results
Helmet Sports gear Motorcycle helmet White Hood

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Speedometer Trip computer

Automotive parking light Car Grille Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Green Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Headlamp Automotive design

Car Automotive parking light Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle Land vehicle

So the around view monitor was a success! At least the majority 😔

See the thing is that like i said before, the sentras never got any of those fancy convenience systems, not even the radios are programmed to accept said functionalities, there were only 2 problems
1st is the bug with the dual backup lines as the radio still thinks it has the single camera and 2 that the module turned off after 30 secs because it didn't receive the can signals from the radio.

So i ended up going for a rogue radio 🤑

part 2 will drop soon

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So i got a rogue radio, part number is 259157FH0A which combines the best of both universes🤤 BUILT-IN MAPS AND CARPLAY/ANDROID AUTO. not only that but the ability to communicate with my around view monitor, now the dual backup lane bug is fixed, the camera stays on all time, and the radio is able to communicate with my cluster as if it was the old carplay Navigation.
PD: if you get a radio with a message saying radio is in factory mode, switch to market mode you're most likely screwed, try to get your money back and buy one that isn't.

Speedometer Plant Car Odometer Trip computer

And i got the compass back on my cluster which is really cool.
PD it's my nismo cluster, it only has some upgrades from a failed infiniti q50 cluster. I will swap the nismo faces after im done with the important stuff.
Automotive navigation system Motor vehicle Vehicle Mode of transport Gps navigation device

Car Plant Motor vehicle Automotive design Radio

My rear camera isn't working because it's not connected to the module as previously i had connected the camera to the radio 6V output so the radio can remain on the backup screen without going back to the menu (some kind of resistance detection). Camera is working fine I'll just upload a picture of it working tomorrow.

And you may ask how I'm going to fit the radio into the sentra? Well I'm in the process of making a custom bezel for it, i did it before with another car so it's not like i Don't know what im doing.

So thif you aren't really impressed by that, let's divide further, so sometimes it happens that you wish you had more drivers help from your car, and my nismo lacks from all kinds of driving aids.

Like i said before, my local junkyards LKQ pick your part, big thanks to them, they have been updating their inventory with newer cars, 2019+ nissan models which are a huge savings for this project and have allowed me to get all the necessary things to make things work.

So i found a 2016 maxima with paddle shifters, and i swapped them into my Sentra, it was a 2 day work and swapping 2 switches but they're working, so no big deal, unfortunately it's only possible for the sentras with automatic trans that mimics manual trans because of the transmission module.

It also had Parking AID sensors, all 4, the moule responsible for them, the instrument cluster, really nice, rear blindspot sensors & module.

Then not long ago i found a 2019 Rogue that had a lot of stuff, another around view module, the Current radio I'm using on my sentra, not only that but it also had an awesome feature the proPILOT assistant and lane assistant, which if you ask me, that's really cool, it consists of a DAS module, windshield camera, 360 cameras, blindspot monitor and parking sensors so the propilot function works. I got all of that as well a mini module that is in charge to make a warning noise when the system is bad, but i didn't realize that the module also communicated with the cluster which allows it to see what's going on with the car.

part 3 coming soon

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So after some testing i found out that my sentra cluster is able to show stuff that it wasn't even designed for, for example the lane assistant, Parking sensors and other things i wasn't expecting to see, which surprised me as i thought that I'll have to replace the cluster for at least the one on the maxima.

Here are some pics

1. Parking aid sensors
Speedometer Odometer Motor vehicle Gauge Tachometer

Why that error? Because the sensors are not connected.

2. Lane Departure warning
Speedometer Odometer Motor vehicle Tachometer Gauge

Why? Because there's no rear camera nor blindspot radars hooked up.

3. Radar sensors (expected)
Speedometer Motor vehicle Odometer Car Gauge

No blindspot radars hooked up.

4. Cruise control radar (expected)
Speedometer Odometer Tachometer Gauge Motor vehicle

No front radar proximity sensor connected.

5. Rear Camera
Speedometer Odometer Tachometer Car Gauge

I'm guessing the same as number 2.

6. I still haven't tried the lane assistant, but will soon figure out, it should look something like this once i manage to make the warning to appear.
Car Vehicle White Motor vehicle Plant

Only the first 2 that are for the lane assistant, the last one we have already seen it.

So I'm currently on the process of wiring all respective parts and doing some testing, bu I'll for sure update when everything is done, will start by adding the parking sensors, then the radar sensors, then finally the more difficults lane assistant camera or proPilot parts.

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Just a little update, here's how the around view looks like, everything works.

Front view
Light Vehicle Reflex camera Motor vehicle Gadget

Rear view
Motor vehicle Gps navigation device Reflex camera Gadget Gas

And side view with front camera
Motor vehicle Reflex camera Cameras & optics Gadget Auto part

I know you might be thinking how am i going to fit that radio, and well I'm currently working on a custom frame only for the radio, nothing will be touched on the dashboard, and i will keep all buttons of the rogue radio.

So other than that, it seems to be working, and around view monitor has no problems, works just like factory, built-in maps work as well android auto and carplay.

the radio frame will be done soon, and once it is finished I'll move onto the driving aids.

Here's what i have for driving aids, including the modules that might be used

Gas Font Machine Auto part Personal protective equipment

Electronic component Gadget Adapter Electrical wiring Circuit component

As you can see, I've only included just 1 of every part I'll be using.

The sentra trim that has driving aids from factory, in the door they have a little corner light that blinks when a car is in the blindspot.

I only pictured 1 out of 2 rear radars, i currently don't have the cruise distance radar but will find one, but the prices are high so I'm waiting for one from the junkyard.

The steering wheel controls with the pro pilot control. The plan is to not replace the steering wheel to keep the nismo environment, instead I'll just replace the resistance on the sentra controls as the steering wheel has 2 hiden buttons, but they aren't accessible unless you change the cover.

The hidden buttons on a 09 maxima steering wheel
Speedometer Vehicle White Car Tachometer

And my nismo steering wheel without the 2 buttons (hidden)
Vehicle Car Speedometer Motor vehicle Tachometer

Then we got the silver module along with the 2 little boxes that are for the blindspot radar as well the pro pilot assistant, i also got the camera on the windshield, and the big black box is for the parking aid sensors.

And finally the cluster from a 2016 maxima, now this cluster i only got it because i think it looks nice, but I'm not sure if i want to retrofit it into my sentra or not, having a larger display is kind of nice, but making a custom shell, wiring harness adapter and Maybe some coding ($450 a local guy willing to do any programming), I'm not to sure.


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I forgot to mention, i found a 2019 sentra SL at my local junkyard
Font Art Electric blue Motor vehicle Metal

(Picture for reference of what i got, i didn't want to take a picture of the one i have 😵‍💫)

it has basically everything, fully loaded, came from a sentra that originally had blindspot radar and intelligent cruise control, the factory carplay radio, bose amp, Automatic Dual climate control which will be retrofitted in the process, malfunction speaker, pre-wired for sunroof.

The downside of the wiring is that 1. It doesn't have the sport button 😠 but will trace it down from another harness from the junkyard to see where it connects and install it on the newer harness.
that's the least important, the important stuff however, is the auto-manual shifter that the nismo has, I'll have to somehow trace down the wires to see where they connect and install them on the newer cluster.

You'll think if I'm doing everything DIY, what's the point of replacing the dash harness? Well its because like i said I'll be rretrofitting stuff that never was available for the sentra, so i wanted to have something that's already pre-wired and working from factory to then add the extra modules to the wiring harness.

Still not sure if I'll be using all modules i got, i know I'll definitely use the parking sensor radars and propilot module.

Now the rogue has 2 modules called ADAS (main) and ADAS control unit 2,
and the sentra only got 1 Called DAS, so I'm not sure how I'll go by doing that, if I'll use all 3 modules or the 2 from the rogue, I'll have to see what's up once I'm doing all the funny stuff😐

Kind of tricky but well worth the effort as if you know, you'll end up with something unique and customized that no other sentra got.

Special thanks to VStar650CL from nikko club that provided me the full diagram of the 19 rogue, and i found some pdfs with the wiring from of the sentra and maxima.

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Fancy convenience systems are nice but many are not reliable and can be very difficult to diagnose which can be very expensive.

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Fancy convenience systems are nice but many are not reliable and can be very difficult to diagnose which can be very expensive.
Agreed, but the fact that it would be the only original nismo with those features is quite neat and i have a friend who will help me with the calibration of the modules.

I'm really just doing it because i have free time & to have some experience on it. in the past I've always retrofitted things that weren't available for the year or never offered, and if they don't work I'll move on to my next project.

Somewhere in this forum there's a beginning of a write up about me retrofitting the instrument cluster of a 2018 sentra B17.5 into a 2014 sentra b17 but i lost the account login info and couldn't finish it.

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So a little update, i finished the installation of my customized rogue radio into my sentra and seems good and works great other than the radio lights but i believe because it needs the can gateway that is used in every other nissan but sentra.

Moving on, So i decided to replace the dashboard wiring harness from the 2019 sentra Since it lacks a whole lot of stuff that the sentra nismo got, for example Sport mode, Heated mirrors, heated seats, 1 relay above the BCM and the most obvious the automatic manual shifter only available on the sentra sr turbo and nismo.
My original thought was to only swap the sport and shifter wires but after seeing the other stuff that it lacks off i decided the best thing would be to strip down the harness and trace down where the ADAS module wiring go to, and swap it into my original harness.

After only 1 night i was ready to install it back into my sentra start it up and everything worked and the car recognized the newer module but showed 2 malfunctions regarding the missing radars, so i then decided to install the rear radars
And now the door corner lights illuminate for 5 secs but still gives a malfunction and beeps 1 time.
Vehicle Automotive lighting Car Automotive design Amber

Car Speedometer Vehicle Odometer Plant

Keep in mind i installed the maxima radars and
I was trying with the original F5 sentra adas module, i thought that it could be the module incompatibility with radars and i decided to instead try with the 2016 maxima module but i have similar results but this time no malfunction warnings only in the driving aids screen got the little triangle next to the car.

Now my options are that 1 the radars are faulty so i will try with some oem sentra radars, 2 that maybe the modules need calibration although i didn't found any service bulletins that confirm this only for the front radar seems that calibration is required or 3 that in my rear bumper is either touching or obstructing the radars.

So my plans are first remove it and see if they work, they do, something is up with the bumper.
If they don't then will try with the sentra radars, if they still don't work as expected then I'll take my car for calibration of modules right after i install the front distance radar and lane deep camera.

Pretty fun huh :unsure:🤑

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Let's go deeper into it.

I figured out that i was able to connect all modules together without the need of the can gateway, i was able to see that in the 19 rogue without the electric parking brake, the can gateway is mostly used only to communicate with the radio and the around module/can network.

While the chassis control module & ADAS module (1) connect through can bus, and ADAS Module (2) receives the can(chassis signals from the ADAS (1) & Chassis control unit.

White Rectangle Slope Schematic Yellow

Slope Font Line Schematic Parallel

Long story short, i made a quick wiring harness without connecting anything else but the modules to the can network, as expected they worked just fine, and i know my chassis control module is working fine as there wasn't any "chassis control error" message on my instrument cluster (previously the error message was there but it went away after connecting the chassis module).

As you can see, it's 100% a sentra, with the ADAS features enabled on the cluster, keep in mind this is a 2017 sentra nismo with 2019 rogue parts.
Speedometer Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Odometer

Speedometer Trip computer Odometer Tachometer Vehicle

Car Vehicle Speedometer Trip computer Odometer

So now I'm currently working on the custom wiring harness that will connect all modules together plus the radio and the windshield camera. Once i have all radars and camera connected, it would be time to go for a spin, that if the front radar or camera don't ask for calibration.

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Super excellent post! THIS is the type of information and knowledge we need in the community.
Really great post. Also loved your post about the newer cluster swap to the 2013-1015 Sentra.

Keep up the good work!

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Super excellent post! THIS is the type of information and knowledge we need in the community.
Really great post. Also loved your post about the newer cluster swap to the 2013-1015 Sentra.

Keep up the good work!
Thank you so much, comments like this is what makes me want to share my knowledge with others and to inform anyone willing to do the same that is possible if you believe in yourself.

There are still a few more mods, and some are only available in other countries, it will be fun to see how everything turns up at the end.

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Small update, I've been working on the car, but haven't finished the wiring yet, however i found a place where i will install the modules and still being able to service them easily.

The place is behind the glove box compartment and I'm using the bracket of the around view monitor that was originally Installed on the 19 rogue.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Bumper Automotive exterior

Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper Automotive exterior

I'm not sure if I'll be able to use this 6CH can gateway or if I'll instead Buy the 3CH can gateway.

Anyway, so far after reviewing what the modules connected show, i have noticed i still have missing the LDP aka Lane Departure Prevention.

I'm not really sure about the pro pilot assistant and how I'll go about it, but I'll figure out once i have all modules and wiring connected.

The whole point of using the Rogue parts is for the Lane Assistant & propilot.
If it wasn't for that, i wouldn't have even bothered doing all of this to begin with.

Also i decided not to install the parking aid sensors because for me they aren't as practical and useful as i thought they would be, but maybe i will, depends if i can find another 2 pearl white sensors.

Future retrofit plans are the TPMS monitor that shows the pressure of each tire, maybe dual climate control if i ever found a dash harness with everything fully loaded, electric seats.

Any other mods or anything you got in mind that's available for other markets but not in the US, let me know and I'll try to retrofit and let everyone know if it is possible.

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Dm'd you.

So a small update to those following this.
I actually found that i only need 1 button for the steering wheel, that's for the cruise distance sensor, basically to manage how far you want to be from the car in front of you.

After testing a rogue with propilot, i found that i have the "propilot button" it its just under another name. See on the rogue, propilot button activates the cruise control and automatically turns on propilot. In the sentra you got a button where you turn on the cruise control too, but since it doesn't have all modules for propilot, it will only activate cruise control.

So after making things clear, the next thing to talk about is the modules, i still have no clue why the Lane Departure Prevention doesn't show up on the cluster, just Lane Departure warning.
I believe it has something to do with the CAN-GATEWAY, maybe the chassis control module isn't receiving can signals from either the car or other modules, or maybe the Main adas unit, or even the around view monitor. Or maybe it's just because i haven't connected the windshield camera to test.

But here's the deal, a few weeks, a 2022 Leaf Entered in a LKQ yard, and again i went there asap, got the camera, module, chassis module and can gateway. Here's the thing, the leaf is constructed similar to the sentra. the BCM is the same, and other things i found.
So with this in mind, reading the rogue pdfs, on the rogue models without the electric parking brake, the chassis module is connected directly through can, while the adas and the others are connected to the BCM. basically main CAN goes to the bcm and then the "translated data" goes out to the adas. At least that's my understanding based on what a guy at nissan said.

So with the help of my friend i found in nico club, i was able to get the pdf for the leaf, and long story short, since the leaf has the same BCM, the can gateway for the leaf does the work of communicating with each module. And I'm currently planning on using the leaf gateway in case the original plan goes south.

You may ask why i don't just use the leaf modules, and that's simply because the leaf on the junkyard didn't have propilot, and the Module is different than the propilot one. Plastic case vs metal case for propilot.

But that would be my last resource if i cannot get the propilot or even LDP working.

Leaving everything aside, this other one is really cool. Remember i said i had a maxima cluster that I was planning to retrofit only because it looked way cooler? At first i didn't want to simply because i thought there was going to be some programming involved.
So i decided to try it and the worst thing that could happen was that I'll have to pay to get it programmed.
Here's the result
Motor vehicle Steering part Car Automotive design Vehicle

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Plant

Car Plant Speedometer Vehicle Motor vehicle

Vehicle Car Speedometer Trip computer Motor vehicle

Speedometer Vehicle White Odometer Trip computer

Car Vehicle Speedometer Motor vehicle Steering part

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Speedometer Odometer

Vehicle Car Speedometer Odometer Motor vehicle

Speedometer Vehicle Odometer Tachometer Trip computer

Basically everything works, only thing you may have noticed is the check engine light, and that's only on basically because i accidentally connected the 2 wires for the gas needle the opposite way which in other words the needle wasn't working causing the light, i fixed the issue and now its a matter or just creating the custom cluster bezel for it.

Now main reason i thought i would need to program it was because i tried an infiniti Q50 Cluster on my sentra, that didn't end well, i ended up having to pay to reprogram my old cluster back.
Speedometer Car Trip computer Odometer Automotive lighting

Yeah it wasn't fun, could be because it was for a hybrid Q50 but definitely won't be trying another infiniti cluster.
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