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Driving home last night the wonderful service engine light came on. After 275 miles, I was wondering at first if it was like the older BMWs where the light comes on when you need to change the oil. Looking at the book, it said the light comes on when and emissions problem developes.

After reading that, I pulled out the ODB-II scanner and it came up clear of codes. I recall hearing about ODB-III and I am wondering if that is the case or if somehow Nissan has their own secret codes above and beyond those required by EPA. I was able to clear the light by using the reset button but it came on again after driving about 30 minutes. Anybody have any suggestions?

Also, changed the low beam bulbs with those faux xenon lights. The bulbs are standarg H1 and it is a pain to put in. On the driver side, just take the air filter out, remove the one 10mm bold on that gold colored bracket, loosen the clamp between the MAF section and the air box and just yank the air box out. It comes apart from the air intake under the hood very easily. The bulb has a tan cover over it and I suggest that you mark it because putting it back, it only goes in one way.

On the right side, I found if you take off the radiator overflow (two 10mm bolts, you need about a 10 in extension and then another 10mm bold and remove the bracket on the fender wall that holds the radiator overflow, it provides very easy access to the lights.

I was disappointed with the amount of light from the bulbs. They are a nice color (brite white with a tint of blue) but they don't light as well as the stock bulbs. I put a set of bulbs in my girlfirends '00 altima from GE and they were much briter then these. I understand sylvenia has a new bulb called starbrite or something like that which is better (4300deg vs 3600deg for blue vision) so perhaps that will work out better. Has anyone used different bulbs to get better light?
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